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„I like DL because it offers several possibili- ties of development to my character. And the game developers really seem eager to keep improving the game. I have been playing for over 3 years and the game has gained lots of new cool features and events. It is definitely the best online game I have ever played.”

Cruel01 – world 2

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Battle of Manunkind and Fos

You see the combat from the viewpoint of Fos
To see the character stats click on their pictures.
61 Champion Medal (+61 to each Ability Scores) 54 Last Blood Champion Medal (+61 to each Ability Scores) Ruby Horde
14 Champion Medal (+18 to each Ability Scores) 13 Last Blood Champion Medal (+18 to each Ability Scores) Sapphire Horde
The trained pets of Manunkind, Disgruntled demon, a level 421, Quetzalcoatl, a level 444, Sméagol, a level 318 and a level 207 Enchanted pixie are assisting their master in this battle. You throw yourself into battle, raging.
The lips of Manunkind move silently and a(n) atomic blast is forming in an instant. He deals 37986 damage. Critical damage! The spell affects you: -87 Attack, -86 Defense, -87 Strength, -87 Thaumaturgy, -86 Critical damage.
Your opponent's regeneration feedback dealt you 320 damage.Before the fight you throw your spell soul-burning mist at your opponent. (-330 SP). You deal 1 damage.
You regenerate 26 hit points.
Manunkind strikes you with Widow's Wail snarling. He inflicted 6667 damage. Critical damage! Disgruntled demon, Quetzalcoatl, Sméagol and Enchanted pixie are also attacking you. With 3 attacks they caused 4468 damage. Critical damage!
Your opponent's regeneration feedback dealt you 320 damage.
With a swift move your opponent deals the coup de grace to you.
You have taken too much damage, you fall to the ground unconscious.
In this battle you have dealt a total of 1 damage and have taken 49761 damage.
Your opponent wins the battle and steals 0 soul-energy from you.

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The Doomlord online fantasy game takes place in the fantastic world of Ghalla. You can develop a unique character. You can fight other players, or you can ally with them.

!!HSZ!! (kviz_play)
Your opponent:

level 169 Doomlord

Member of clan Homless Beauties And Dorks

Results and achievements

Against the Ruby Horde2215225
Against the Emerald Horde7064394
Against the Sapphire Horde447144
Against the Diamond Horde10026
Against the Crystal Horde1621556
Most damage dealt:76854
Ability Total:8704 (13241)
Skill Total:8158
Completed quests:8313
Completed adventures:13748
Challenges won:46815
Total building:2.317.327.204
Looted soul-energy:230.104.021
Lost soul-energy:24.192.941
Correct quiz answers:73.152
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Fighting creatures

Disgruntled demonultra-implant
Disgruntled demon (421. Level)
Quetzalcoatl (444. Level)
Sméagol (318. Level)
Enchanted pixieultra-implant
Enchanted pixie (207. Level)

Items equipped

Widow's WailVampire:  +10% Drain soul
atomic blastDrefeath:  +10% Damage
Hordeleader ArmorEternal:  +2 Strength,  +2 Attack,  +2 Defense,  +2 Constitution,  +2 IQ,  +2 Magic,  +2 Thaumaturgy
First TreantshieldDiamond shardfocus: You get 1% more AA points.
Amethyst Soulstealer
Gruesome chain of Dreadplatinum mindjade:  +9 IQ,  +9 Thaumaturgy,  +9% Critical magic damage,  +9 Regeneration, +17 execution, The pet will fight while healing
Lucky boots luckpearl:  +3% Drain soul protection,  +5 Regeneration, Improving your luck is 1% more efficient
captain's helmetquax soulstealer:  +7 Strength,  +7% Critical damage,  +3% Drain soul,  +6% Drain soul protection, 4% bonus SE for winning a duel

level 99 Doomlord

Items equipped

fire opal wandcursed manastone:  -8 Constitution,  +15 Magic
soul-burning mistDrefeath:  +10% Damage
snow-white magician robecosmic mana stone:  +14 Magic
diamond runic shieldancient manastone:  +7 Magic
Sapphire Developergreater bronze mindcrystal: 4% discount at the soul huckster, Improving your luck is 2% more efficient, You get 2% more soul diamonds for completing adventures
Forgotten chain of Krausosmega-doomcrystal:  +7 Magic, -2 sec to hunt time, +7 pet training
firecock bootssmooth diamond:  +3% Paralysation,  +5% Drain soul,  +7% Prevent paralysation
barbarian helmgoth soulstealer:  +3 Strength,  +3% Critical damage,  +1% Drain soul, 1% bonus SE for winning a duel