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„I like DL because it offers several possibili- ties of development to my character. And the game developers really seem eager to keep improving the game. I have been playing for over 3 years and the game has gained lots of new cool features and events. It is definitely the best online game I have ever played.”

Cruel01 – world 2

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What is Doomlord?

sapphire draconianDoomlord is a free internet game. There are no complex rules, you can play as soon as you register. You do not have to spend hours on it; it's enough to glance at your character if you have some spare time. The game is working on any computers with internet connections, you do not have to download anything, it works from your browser. However as you play more, you will see more opportunities: intrigues, adventures and exitement will be unravelled.

What kind of game is it?

necromancer chiefDoomlord is a fantasy game, in which you are developing a character. You can fight exciting battles with other players and the monsters of the wilderness, you can buy magic items from the soul-huckster and you can develop your skills and abilities from looted soul-energy. On your way more and more opportunities are opening up before you. Associations can be founded with other players: you can develop buildings together or even make war against other associations. If you want to start the game, you do not have to read the whole game manual. Anyway, it is not to lengthy, and it can be found by clicking this link.

Who made this game?

thargodan slaveThis game was made by Beholder Ltd. We have been designing and inventing games since 1992 in Hungary. Our play-by-mail games, trading card games and internet games enjoyed huge popularity. You can find additional information about our company on our company website (sorry, Hungarian only).

What kind of world is the world of Doomlord?

divine immortal nightladyDoomlord is a part of the epic history of a fantasy world. In the dark future a planet calls for heroes to restore the broken equillibrium of the world.

What age-group is suggested to play?

divine orgling hecatombThe game is independent of age, anyone who is able to use an internet browser can play it. The game does not contain violent, obscene or adult based contents, so children can play it without harm. However at higher levels great tactical and strategical possibilities are coming forth, so even game-fun adults may find Doomlord challenging.

How can this be a free game?

negatorToday it is usual in the competitive internet market that publishers offer their games free of charge, and ask some money for the premium services only if you want to buy them. The game is totally enjoyable and freely playable without premium functions, but if someone decides to pay a (not too significant) sum for playing, he or she will get some comfort functions and extra possibilites. We are professional game designers; the making and invention of the game costs a lot of money, but we seriously hope that enough people will like this game to even pay for it.

Why is your game better than other premium/free games?

taalruWe are continuously developing and improving our game and always paying respect to the demands of our players. Our game does not call for your 24 hour attention, players collect action points to use and if you have no time to play for a couple of days, it will not put you at a disadvantage. But let's not waste our breath – try it and see if you like it!

When will this game come to an end?

enzym feederDoomlord is an open ended fantasy game. We hope we will always develop it, making new objectives and goals, so it will be a neverending game. Results can be found at the highscores, but this fact does not makes this game a competition, where you must be first at all costs. You may compete if you want to, but the game is quite entertaining even without competition. At the beginning the game is very simple, just because of the easy start, but new possibilities open as you proceed in level.

What kind of objectives can be found in the game?

divine vision dragonOne of the most important goals is to remove the effect of the infecion, which makes all Domlords mad. It will be a long and painful path, even if you will be able to overcome it However you will have a lot of other objectives, quests to complete, championships to participate in (each champion will receive a unique item as a reward) and you can fight epic monsters together with your fellows.

May I play with more than one character?

divine ganüid warriorTo avoid misuse of Doomlord one player can develop only one character on one world. In time we will continuously open new worlds, so that anyone would be able make a different character on a different world, but one character per world is the strict limit. If this rule is abused by a player, he or she will be banned for a time or even forever. You can read about this in detail in the Terms of Use (at the bottom of the page). If more than one of you is playing from the same computer, pay attention to play separately. Do not attack each other, do not attack the same character at the same time and preferably choose a different clan. More detailes can be found about multiplaying and banning here.