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„I like DL because it offers several possibili- ties of development to my character. And the game developers really seem eager to keep improving the game. I have been playing for over 3 years and the game has gained lots of new cool features and events. It is definitely the best online game I have ever played.”

Cruel01 – world 2

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  • In Doomlord you develop a unique fantasy character.
  • Other players cannot destroy your character or ruin your game.
  • It's an open-ended game, we surprise our players with continuous developments.
  • It doesn't need much time, if you can't play for a few days, you can catch up quickly!
  • While playing, you can test yourself with quiz questions.
  • It's free and you don't have to download anything!

More help and information: info{kukk}doomlord{ponty}net, or visit our forum!
DOOMLORD - A new generation of browser games!

Pit of Doom (2017-05-11)

The Pit of DoomThe Doomlord fantasy game's grand event, The Pit of Doom has begun today, at 10 am CET (4am EST). In the Pit of Doom, battle monsters, doomlords and demons to loot their treasure, and to get to the last level, where the Pit Fetish awaits you. The event lasts for 3 weeks, the best players get extra rewards. To participate in the event, click the icon next to the upper right corner of your character portrait!
See more details on the forum:,232.0

Pit of Damnation expire warning (2017-05-08)

Dear Players! The Pit of Doom event will start on Thursday, 11th of May. This means that the Pit of Damnation will disappear on 10th, midnight. So you are recommended to finish Pit of Damnation by Wednesday, because it will disappear due to the Pit of Doom.

Spring Festival (2017-04-26)

Doomlord Spring festival Years has passed since you chased away the Enemy. The planet's surface is now covered by a growing vegetation. At spring, this vegetation welcomes the return of seasons by opening millions of flowers. Now not only death, but life deserves to be celebrated as well - decide the Doomlords. Between 26th of April and 11th of May runs the Doomlord online rpg's new mini-event, Spring festival, with many tasks and rewards. To access the event, simply click the flowers icon next to your avatar.
See more details on the forum, here.

Doomlord Easter ending (2017-04-25)

Doomlord Easter endsDear Players! Don't forget that the Easter mini-event ends today. Tomorrow begins the Spring Festival, so you will no longer be able to claim your Easter rewards. So claim them today!

Doomlord Easter sale and promotions (2017-04-10)

Doomlord Easter promotionDear Players!
Surprise your friend or yourself with a gift pack! Buy ancient stones between 10th and 18th of April, and send a present to a choosen character!
If you buy ancient stones during this period, you can choose a character in the ancient stones menu to receive the item rewards. The items are given only after you choose a player! You can give them to any character, including yours. You can buy several packages, but one player can receive only ONE package.
20 ancient stones: 2 EUR or 25 ancient stones with mobile payment
1 colored egg, 1 luck coupon, 1 easter egg, 1 easter chest
100 ancient stones: 8 EUR
1 royal seal, 2 colored eggs, 1000 kheson debris, 3 luck coupon, 2 easter eggs, 2 easter chests, 40 yellow mytokronits
350 ancient stones: 20 EUR
2 royal seals, 5 colored eggs, 2 golden boxes, 3000 kheson debris, 10 luck coupons, 3 easter eggs, 5 easter chests, 120 yellow mytokronits
750 ancient stones: 40 EUR
5 royal seals, 10 colored eggs, 5 golden boxes, 7000 kheson debris, 20 luck coupons, 7 easter eggs, 10 easter chests, 250 yellow mytokronits
1600 ancient stones: 80 EUR
10 royal seals, 25 colored eggs, 10 golden boxes, 15000 kheson debris, 40 luck coupons, 15 easter eggs, 20 easter chests, 600 yellow mytokronits

At the same time, from 10am CET, begins the Easter sale, with 20% discount on ancient stone prices, reduced auction times, unique daily offers, Eye of Beholder (under soul-huckster), sale of special items (minion crystals, easter chests, hunters loot, enchanted pet food etc), and huge bonus packs for spending stones. These sales will last until 17th of April. Enjoy the fun!

Doomlord Easter (2017-04-04)

Doomlord Easter Since the Surface has been re-conquered, the world became fertile again. The doomlords try to remember how their ancients lived before the exile. Summoning the memory of ancient festivals can break the monotony of the everyday routine. Lady Alvariel offers special relics to those who can collect the color-painted xenomorf eggs and help to live again the ancient festival, Easter. Between 4th and 21th of April runs our new mini-event, Easter, with many tasks and reward. To access the event, simply click the egg icon next to your avatar. Please note that we added a new reward, kheson debris due to popular demand.
See more details on the forum, here.

Doomlord level 300 (2017-04-01)

Dear Players! We managed to finalize the features players can enjoy upon reaching level 300. At this point, you will be able to settle, and build your own cities. Each player with have an estate and a garden which he can develop as he likes. Technological advancement will be inevitable: you can found a mine, a company, you can build modern cars, even battle robots. Your animals become configurable cute pets: you can play with them, and enter them the pet beauty contest. An army of mercenaries await your commands, you can take them to quests, graphical versions of the current adventures. By having the Enemy chased away, peace is still not within reach: crime bands, out-of-control laboratory experiments, and aliens from outer space will threaten it. We are already working on the development, but it will take some time. Until then, check some screenshots! Doomlord level 300

Support server maintenance (2017-03-27)

Dear Players, tomorrow, on Tuesday, between 22pm and 02 am CET (16-22pm EST) our support server will be unavailable due to maintenance: you will not be able to send or read customer support ticket. The game will run as normal.