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„I like DL because it offers several possibili- ties of development to my character. And the game developers really seem eager to keep improving the game. I have been playing for over 3 years and the game has gained lots of new cool features and events. It is definitely the best online game I have ever played.”

Cruel01 – world 2

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At the beginning of the game it is worth starting with a hunt, because you can get some soul-energy this way. You do not have to click once for each hunt, you can initiate more hunting at the same time. When the hunting is over, you can return to spend the collected soul-energy.
The number of your hunting possibilities depends on the number of your action points, which are refilled in a certain period of time. If you used all your action points you can see the time you get the next one.
TIPP: Premium players receive more action points a day.


You can use the soul-energy received for hunting to increase your ability scores by clicking the character sheet or your head in the upper left corner, or you can buy some relics at the soul-huckster. As a start you can increase your abilities by one for 300 soul-energies. Relics of the soul-huckster cost a little bit more: they can be bought for 360-500 SEs, but give a bigger bonus. This will be you first decision to make: if you want to develop your abilities or buy an item first.
HINT: At the beginning of the game the most important abilities are the strength, the attack and the defense. (You can read more of the abilities in theDescription of your character.)


If you have already increased an ability or bought an item, you can challenge another Dommlord or Doomlady by the help of the duel button. Choose an opponent, who is also at level 1 and preferably such one who has 100% written behind his or her name. (100% means that he or she has not been attacked lately so you can get the most SE as a loot. 80%, 60% means that he or she has been attacked in a couple of hours so you can loot less.)
Click a character's name to look at its statistics and items or click the attack button to challenge him or her at once (but it's preferred to inspect him or her first). You will get a detailed description of the battle. The winner is the one who deals more damage. The victorious player steals a part of the loser's soul-energy. [Premium] players lose less soul-energy. The soul-energy won this way can also be used to improve your abilities or to buy relics.
When fighting the damage and the hit rate depends on the abilities and sheer luck. If your abilities are approximately the same as your opponent's then you have 50-50%. If you are a bit better, your chances are only slightly increased: if you get a bit better weapon, it does not guarantee automatic victory. If you are better in every aspect (level, abilities, items) you will probably win.
When duelling, beware: if you attack three times in a row, at the third attack you will be exhausted and your abilities will be counted as 10% less, or at the fourth attack 20% less etc. So it is advised to duel only twice in an hour or challenge weaker players with the 3rd, 4th etc. attacks.
HINT: If you are going on a duel or not playing for a while it is worth to spend most of your soul-energy - this way you will lose less in case of a battle loss.


If you are away from keyboard for a while and a lot of your hit points are missing, it is worth trying the rest. While resting, your hit points and spell points are regenerated much quicker, furthermore you get +10% defence bonus. For example at night, before sleeping it is good to use the rest option even if you have no missing hit points - just because of the defence bonus.
HINT:You can rest only three times a day, so try to assign these possibilities optimally!

Experience points and levels

For hunting and victorious duels you always get experience points (yellow bar on the character sheet). If the yellow bar is full your level will be increased. In this case you get more hit points and spell points and you can hunt for stronger creatures so you receive more soul-energy for them. It is also worth to visit the soul-huckster after your level is increased, because new items can be found in the shop. For example when you reach the second level, the soul-huckster will offer focus crystals which make the relics stronger! At the moment of reaching a new level your HPs and SPs are refilled to maximum, so you can duel at full capacity again.
HINT: When you reach a new level, you can read a further chapter of your story. It is not just an interesting story of your character, but often contains important information and sometimes even hidden links can be found inside. So it is worth to read. You can find your story by clicking the Legend button at the bottom of the left hand menu.