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„I like DL because it offers several possibili- ties of development to my character. And the game developers really seem eager to keep improving the game. I have been playing for over 3 years and the game has gained lots of new cool features and events. It is definitely the best online game I have ever played.”

Cruel01 – world 2

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In Doomlord one player can control only one character on the same world. You can have a character on the second, third etc. worlds, but only one on the same world.


This restriction is needed because Doomlord is basically a free game, so theoretically anyone would be able to start a couple of characters and control a whole clan alone or take the collected soul-energy with a "main" character. This would mean undue advantage for other players.

How do you supervise the adherence to this rule?

All kinds of activities are registered in the game and we have algorithms to analize the collected data each day. Multiplaying may be suspected if it is detected that two character plays from the same computer or household, they are mostly active at the same time, they usually attack each other or the same characters or they are members of the same clan and one of them built significantly more than the other. In case of suspicion after some consideration the characters may be banned for a period or (if repeated) permanently.

What happens if more than one player uses the same computer?

It is not a problem if you avoid the above mentioned mistakes. Do not attack each other, do not attack the same characters at the same time and it is better not to choose the same clan. If you still want to be members of the same clan, care for not building much more with one character than the other, and mostly not logging in at the same time. If more than one premium member is playing from the same computer, than we usually beleive that the accouts cover two real persons, and the player does not want to just quicken up the building with a second, third etc. free character. So if you are sure to play on the same computer and in the same clan, we advise you to pay for premium membership.

What happens if I have to substitute an clan member?

In Doomlord nothing happens if you are unable to play for a couple of days - you can catch up quickly. Thus it is unnecessary to entrust someone to play with your character if you are away from keybord for a day. Moreover if someone logs in from the same computer as the character of a clan member, the system may easily identify this act as multiplaying and disable the characters. It is usual that someone substitutes another player first for only a few days, than for a few weeks and at last he or she wakes up to play two characters.
Moreover "substitution" is always a kind of security leak: if you give your ID and password to someone else he or she may easily misuse it. If you do not find any other possibility at all, than it is worth buying premium membership for both of you at least for the time of substitution, because in this case we can see that both characters are played by real persons and not only "multis" (see previous chapter).

Where should I write if we want to play from the same computer or if I want to substitute someone?

Do NOT contact us with this problem. We accurately detailed above what to do to avoid ban. Comply with these rules and there will be no problem.

Can I be banned for any other reasons?

Sometimes it is possible that none of the above mentioned reasons apply and you are still banned for multiplaying. These are the cases when it is apparent that each character is controlled by the same person. For example when someone writes the same quiz questions with more characters or sends the same messages or the characters are always logged in at the same time etc.
And remember that multiplaying is not the only reason to ban a player for. You can be banned if you breach the terms of use otherwise: e.g. sending spam or offending the netiquette through our message system; automatizing play by programs or scripts; exploiting bugs etc.

What happens if I am banned for multiplaying after all?

We do not ban anybody without good reason so presumably one of the above mentioned problems occured. In this case all your characters of the same world are probably banned. If this happened write a letter to the address banned{kukk}vegzetur{ponty}hu detailing the facts sincerely. The first possibility is to say which is your main character. After the time of banning you can continue playing with this character but the other characters will be finally banned/deleted. Beware, if you are caught multiplaying again, the ban may be final at the second time!
There is another possibility, that two different players are using the same computer, for example parent and child, brothers etc. In this case think what the problem could be from the above mentioned causes. If you are in the same clan, it is worth buying premium membership for both of you or either of you should choose another clan. If you often attacked the same Doomlords or each other, then beware not to do so again. If you are banned the first time, write a letter to the address banned{kukk}vegzetur{ponty}hu and explain the situation, so we can lift the lockup. However if you are banned again, it will surely be final.

Is it true, that premium characters can control more than one character in the same clan?

No, it is not true. As it is written earlier, the basic problem is that the game is free of charge and anyone can register more characters. In a paid game there is no problem with controlling more characters, but here because of the freeness the game can be misused. Still we get a couple of request that a character could be controlled by a clan member for a while, so we had to find a solution to automatize the authorisation. However this does not mean that you can start a second, "builder" character for your money: if the misuse is obvious, one of the same computer operated characters does not progress, just build, than it is banned anyway.