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„I like DL because it offers several possibili- ties of development to my character. And the game developers really seem eager to keep improving the game. I have been playing for over 3 years and the game has gained lots of new cool features and events. It is definitely the best online game I have ever played.”

Cruel01 – world 2

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World 1:
8682 players

World 2:
4422 players

World 3:
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  • In Doomlord you develop a unique fantasy character.
  • Other players cannot destroy your character or ruin your game.
  • It's an open-ended game, we surprise our players with continuous developments.
  • It doesn't need much time, if you can't play for a few days, you can catch up quickly!
  • While playing, you can test yourself with quiz questions.
  • It's free and you don't have to download anything!

More help and information: info{kukk}doomlord{ponty}net, or visit our forum!
DOOMLORD - A new generation of browser games!

City of Hope (2023-03-14)

City of Hope The grand new event of Doomlord begins today!
14 years has passed since the Doomlords reconquered the Surface from the Enemy. The first period was full of fight, but nowadays their rule is unquestionable. The constant skirmishes make the peace distant, it's time to rebuild the world.
The hordes join forces to build the City of Hope. Even the youngest can participate in the work.
Help to rebuild the City! Complete daily tasks, develop your city architect skills and get the privilege of an elite architect!
The event lasts for 21 days. Good luck to all!

Doomlord maintenance (2023-02-28)

**IMPORTANT NOTICE!!** Date has changed from 1st to 2nd of March.

We will have a scheduled maintenance on 2nd of March, 7am (CET), for approx. 30 minutes. We apologize for the inconvenience.

xeno invasion (2023-02-21)

Xeno war The all-successful event of the Doomlord online rpg game, the Xeno invasion is here again!
Once every half year, a swarm of xenomorphs pour to the Surface, led by gigantic xeno queens. In the past years, the doomlords always succeeded defeating the creatures in a vicious fight, but could never destroy them entirely. The remaining xenomorphs continue to breed in the depth, so they can attack again when their numbers are strengthened.
Now it's time! Face the xeno queens and claim the glory by defeating them! To participate, you must be at least lvl 3.
Good luck!

Doomlord is up again (2023-02-14)

Dear Players! Doomlord was unavailable for 30+ hours. As we learned, the providers' central server, where the game and other services run, was subject to an outside attack, and repairing the damage took a lot of time. We do not believe a sufficient compensation exists for such a long downtime, but we will provide a big pack anyway, completed with 200 free ancient stones. We will also set rhe pets morale to 100%, restore loyalty bonuses. Duel will be available only from 22pm CET so people who are not immediately aware of the server being online are not being robbed. And of course, we deeple apoligize for the inconvenience. Especially since we had a downtime a few weeks ago, due to a global shortage, which will be supervised between 20pm 14th and 5am 15th of February, let's hope that does not generate any additional downtime. Thanks everyone for the patience, your feedback on the forum and support is welcome.

Doomlord maintenance (2023-02-12)

Doomlord server move Between 14th of February 8pm and 5am (CET) there will be maintenance in our server room. We expect the webpage to be available during this time, but short lapses are possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Doomlord World 4 has started (2023-02-01)

Doomlord level 60 world launchThe World 4 of the Doomlord browser game is now open! Compete on this new world from the very beginning. Start right away a level 60 character, and distribute 25 million soul-energy on items, abilities and skills as you like! This is the perfect opportunity to join the game and catch up with the others.

You can register here.

Doomlord Carnival (2023-01-31)

Doomlord Carnival The daily hunts are ruled by the cold steel and the fiery magic. But during the nights, the never-tired doomlords can finally relax. They dress in scary, funny or surprising costumes and masks to welcome the new year, the chance for survival. And to signal the gods they are waiting for their return... Between 1st and 16th of Feb runs our conventional mini-event, Carnival, with many tasks and rewards. Celebrate the Carnival together!
To access the event, simply click the mask icon next to your avatar.
See more details on the forum, here.