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„I like DL because it offers several possibili- ties of development to my character. And the game developers really seem eager to keep improving the game. I have been playing for over 3 years and the game has gained lots of new cool features and events. It is definitely the best online game I have ever played.”

Cruel01 – world 2

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World 1:
8812 players

World 2:
4400 players

World 3:
3074 players
Choose a horde!
Your Horde will determine the bonuses given to your character. (If you want to be in the same clan as a friend, who is already playing, choose the same horde!)


Have higher chance to hit, and deal more damage in melee combat.


Their spells deal more damage, and are more likely to hit for full damage. They also have more spell points.


They take less damage, regenerate faster, heal more efficiently.


In victorious duels, they get more soul-energy, if they lose, they lose less. They can purchase items at reduced price.
  • In Doomlord you develop a unique fantasy character.
  • Other players cannot destroy your character or ruin your game.
  • It's an open-ended game, we surprise our players with continuous developments.
  • It doesn't need much time, if you can't play for a few days, you can catch up quickly!
  • While playing, you can test yourself with quiz questions.
  • It's free and you don't have to download anything!

More help and information: info{kukk}doomlord{ponty}net, or visit our forum!
DOOMLORD - A new generation of browser games!

Doomlord Christmas sale (2018-12-13)

Doomlord Christmas sale Today at 10am CET begins the Christmas sale, with 20% discount on ancient stone prices, reduced auction times, unique daily offers, sale of special items, and huge bonus packs for spending stones. You can also get special gift packs, depending on the amount of ancient stones purchased, and you can send this gift pack to a player of your choice (including yourself). These events lasts until 20th of December. Please see the detailed list of events on the forum:
Christmas events
Between noon of 24th of Dec and noon of 25th Dec (GMT+1), peace will take over the world of Doomlord: players will not duel and drain each other's soul-energy, so you can develop peacefully in this period. Pets morale does not decrease during this time. There will be a 20% discount on SE cost of potions.
We will continue to give support during the holidays. We wish a Merry Christmas to all doomladies and doomlords!
The Doomlord Team

Christmas mini-events (2018-12-05)

Doomlord Christmas events Dear Players, the Doomlord Christmas mini-event series will start today at 10 am, CET. You can find the tasks
in this forum topic.
Soon, we will also post details about the coming Christmas sale, spending promotion and other events, so stay tuned :)

Ruler of the Planet results (2018-11-29)

Doomlord Ruler of the Planet results The epic event of the Doomlord fantasy game, the Ruler of the Planet is over. The title went for the next 6 months to

Congratulations to all who have reached the top of the pyramid! The next event coming up is the Christmas mini-events, starting on 5th of December!

Doomlord November sale (2018-11-22)

Doomlord November sale Dear Players, for the following 9 days, those who purchase ancient stones in the Doomlord game will receive a special gift pack! Each player can receive only ONE gift pack. Duration: 22th Nov - 30th of Nov. (from Thursday to next Friday)

20 ancient stones purchase:
1 chest of Universe, 1 Christmas cake, 2 crystal jokers, 10 mytokronit jokers

100 ancient stones purchase:
1 relic joker, 3 chests of Universe, 2 Christmas cakes, 10 golden ducats, 2 emerald boxes, 10 crystal jokers, 40 mytokronits jokers

350 ancient stones purchase:
3 relic jokers, 10 chests of Universe, 4 Christmas cakes, 25 golden ducats, 7 emerald boxes, 25 crystal jokers, 100 mytokronits jokers, 1 fetish joker

750 ancient stones purchase:
5 relic jokers, 20 chests of Universe, 8 Christmas cakes, 50 golden ducats, 15 emerald boxes, 50 crystal jokers, 200 mytokronits jokers, 1 fetish joker

1600 ancient stones purchase:
10 relic jokers, 40 chests of Universe, 16 Christmas cakes, 100 golden ducats, 30 emerald boxes, 120 crystal jokers, 500 mytokronits jokers, 2 fetish jokers

Also do not forget to check out our Black Friday daily offer on the opening page tomorrow, 2 temple only for 50 ancient stones!

Ruler of the Planet (2018-11-08)

Ruler of the Planet title= The epic event of the Doomlord fantasy game, the Ruler of the Planet will start today at 12am CET (6 am EST)! Once every 6 months, this competition gives a real challenge to the players who fight for fabulous prizes. You get reward for completing each level. Also those who are the fastest will have additional prizes. And now there is an additional pyramid to conquer! The event lasts for 3 weeks. You can use only one decree per day (but if you didn't use it a day, you can use it on the next).
Attention! During the event, you can buy the following items at the soul-huckster: package of dread, potion of happiness, enchanted pet food, monster cocktail, locked chest, hunter's loot, lesser hunter's loot. Additionally, for 1 week, you can buy 3 times a day the following items: minion crystal pack, tiny dimension door stimulator.
Please also note that we have increased the maximum level of the Megaessence AA ability by 10 so those who have already maxed this ability can still complete the corresponding tasks.
Good luck everyone!

Package of dread (2018-11-02)

Dear Players, the Ruler of the Planet event will launch of Thursday. As a preparation, look for the daily package of Dread at the soul-huckster (misc category)! We wlll add it soon to the daily routines pages as well for easier access.